Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Audio Tapes Reveal More Details In 'Fast And Furious' Gunrunner Scandal | Fox News

Audio Tapes Reveal More Details In 'Fast And Furious' Gunrunner Scandal | Fox News

Lots of Blame to go around here, but the cover up is worse than the actions. The Cartels do not have a lot of problems getting weapons, this just made it easier for a while. I think the Mexican Gov, is also in denial on this, sitting back and acting shocked that it was going on. For the project to get off the ground it had to have Mexican Government approval. Most of the problems happened on that side of the border, when the weapons where lost track of.

ATF ran an operation that was on its face fundamentally sound, operationally in theory a tried and proven sting type of operation. The problem is that so many people are co-opted, I say this rather than corrupted, because so many folks are in such a grey area. They give small amounts of information to friends, at a lunch or social event. That is taken to others that are corrupted and given to the Cartels.

For example a mid level Cartel member was stopped on a main road from Monterrey to Reynosa, he had on him documents that had been transmitted from the US to Mexico that same day, on high level intelligence of the Cartels. This is the fatal flaw of the operation, and many working Agents from both the US side and the Mexico side, knew it was going to doom the operation, and some stated so, in fact very early on in some cases.

The cover up started, it started early, and it got nasty, and this is what has to stop. Yes weapons did go over, but weapons are still going over, mistakes have been made, and more will be made. We need to focus on what ever policies will help mitigate the problems, mainly, have someone check with the folks on the ground to make sure it will work. The CIA had and to some point still has similar problems, the higher ups develop a plan, and then get the folks on the ground to make a flawed operation work.

I still would not throw out the baby with the bath water, these types of stings are very workable in most situations, and should be used. Take a deep breath, learn what we can from mistakes and go forth. I would not change the world, it sounds harsh, but the Cartels will get the weapons from somewhere. They had them before the operation, and they are still getting them. Focus on forward movement.


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