Saturday, September 3, 2011

Commentary: Mexico's Unwinnable War | The National Interest

Commentary: Mexico's Unwinnable War | The National Interest

I think this article is un convincing on a number of issues, first Mexico will win the war, it has to, to not would mean Mexico will disappear, and the great people of Mexico will not let that happen.

Second, the method of Columbia is the one to follow, in fact a quick review of history shows it is the only path. Yes there were mistakes made, and yes Mexico will make mistakes as well. The strength of Mexico has, is its people and its Press, both will be the check and balance needed to keep the Government of Mexico from tipping to far. But still there will be times when Mexican officials will step over the line, it in fact will be necessary realistically at times. But those members that do, will face the public, and be exposed to the press, which means their careers will be over, but this is a sacrifice many are going to have to take to get back control of the situation.

Yes, Columbia still has drug problems, and yes, violence may again spike, but only for short periods of time, since the total control the old Cartels had, has been broken. Columbia really has shown the path to take in bringing down the Cartels, Mexico needs to take the good parts of the Colombian program, and discard the parts that did not do so well. Sort of Best Practices approach.

The US can help, and must when asked, but it will be the strength of the Mexican people that will win the war, and they will win it. History has shown us time and time again, that when the people stop hiding the bad guys, and open the doors to let in the revealing light on them, then the bad guys have no place to hide, no matter how much money and violence they control.

My money is on the people of Mexico, and for the moment at least with President Calderon, both are showing the strength needed to win.

Rich Roth

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