Friday, September 2, 2011

'Cyber Watch' Targets Flash Mob Robberies, Violence |

'Cyber Watch' Targets Flash Mob Robberies, Violence |

This and a few other programs around the country are the way to mitigate this new threat. Some of the laws being discussed as well as rules like curfews are based on old style policing. This counties response is probably the answer to many of the new threats that are going arise in the new world of social media. We can either understand the threat, and in this case opportunities as well, or try and use old style reactive measures based on after the fact investigations. The solution presented here will carry over to all types of crime, all the way to terrorism. Using the social media to put more eyes and ears on the streets. Well done, this is a program we should make a "best practice" for other cities, towns, and counties to study for possible implementation.


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