Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Delhi High Court blast toll rises: 11 dead, 76 injured - Hindustan Times

Delhi High Court blast toll rises: 11 dead, 76 injured - Hindustan Times

I would doubt all the facts are correct in this report. 8 pounds of explosive would easily fit in a briefcase, although most briefcase bombs are not that heavy, up to 20 pounds have been used, in a normal briefcase. Where the story starts to break up is the statement that it was ammonium nitrate explosive, and a large crater on the ground.

Ammonium nitrate bombs are not what you would consider a high powered explosive, and if it was on black top or cement, the only real way it would cause a crater of any size would be if somehing was placed on top of it to tamp it down, in which case the injuries and deaths would have been minimized. If the bomb was a higher brizance explosive like a Semtex or C-4, even Comp B, then the crater and injuries may fit. Even if as one part of the report states, the bomb was in a suite case, which could mean it was a bit bigger than 8 pounds, unless someone sat on it , or it were on loose dirt, but ammonium nitrate a large crater would not be expected.

The issue here is one of what type of explosives are available, which tells a lot more about the bombers, and what India can expect next. Briefcase bombs are very problematic, since they can be carried anywhere, with out looking suspicious. A suite case brought into a Court House or any business is more suspect. I have worked on a number of scenerios involving briefcase bombs, while in the Gov. and even one pound of a TNT, C-4 type of explosive can cause a lot of damage. To try and make it bigger with ammonium nitrate, makes delivery, timing, and most importantly putting the bomb together correctly, much more problematic than the expected rate of return would anticipate. Once again telling a lot more about the bomber and what to expect next.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out, the last bomb near the court house, was wrapped in plastic, and under a car. That would look much more suspicious in placement and in what they expected from the bomb.

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