Saturday, September 10, 2011

Desperate Guatemalans Embrace an ‘Iron Fist’ -

Desperate Guatemalans Embrace an ‘Iron Fist’ -

There is a lot to learn here, if as some in Mexico want to give up the fight and let the Cartels do their thing, it will turn out like Guatemala. The only answer to the Cartels is to stop them, the only thing that will really stop them are the people of Mexico.

Using the press and even social media keep up both the campaign on the Cartels, but also corruption , most inspired by Cartel's, even the spin offs that will occur. Thinks like kidnapping, extortion are all by products of criminal elements not making enough funds in the drug trade, branching out. Mexico will win the war on drugs, the corruption in politics is another story. I think if Calderon had not had to spend so much time effort and political capital on the Cartels, he may have done more on that front. But the war on drugs is first and foremost, since it is the main issue.

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