Friday, September 2, 2011

Factbox: Key political risks to watch in Mexico | Reuters

Factbox: Key political risks to watch in Mexico | Reuters

Any President walking into the problems Calderon has, would not have done any better, and very likely a lot worse.

His frustration to me is understandable, I think misplaced, but he has to be wondering what would help. Many are giving him advice to legalize drugs, and blame the US for all his problems. It is an option, but look at the facts, history and all the studies done on the issues. One the Cartels, are breaking up quite a bit, leaving a lot of less organized individuals operating some very lucrative operations. When a breakdown like this occurs then violence is usually going to spike as people look to take over these vacancies. But now the law enforcement will have less sophisticated organazations to deal with and should have even more success.

As far as will legalizing drugs do away with the problem, look at the Acapulco threats against the teachers, no not threats but actions taken on them. This is more a reflection of lower level criminal cells, that do not have access to the more profitable drug transactions, so are looking to make money with violence directed against the innocents of Mexico, the teachers and press. Once again these drug cells are not well organized and should be easy targets.

I wish I could say that it is all going to get better, but once again history and facts get in the way. Mexico, is going to have an extended violent time to go thru, and perhaps voters do want a change, but to change course at this time is not to lose, Mexican people are strong and proud, they will no lose, but a course change will extend the problems, not make them better.

Truly a good message is to stand firm behind Caldaron, and the police. This will tell the Cartels, that Mexico is not going to back down, will bring more of the citizens of Mexico on board with the fight. That as history will show you time and time again, will spell the end to the cartels overreaching power. When the people are behind the Government, and the Government stays the course, Mexico can not lose.


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