Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fan uses illegal Taser at Cowboys-Jets game -

Fan uses illegal Taser at Cowboys-Jets game -

If you remember a taser was found in a seat back of a plane in flight not long ago, it is very hard to detect these small devices. Your cell phone has more electronics in it than this device. If I put one in a bag with a cd player, I would almost guarantee, it would make it past a screening point 9 times out of 10. With that said, when you see how hard it is to secure an airport, how does anyone expect to find a small device like this at a sporting event. I can hide it in the gut's of my SLR camera, the barrels of a binoculars, are also a great hiding place. Mosad has used both back when aviation security screening had just started.

There is this very unreasonable belief that we are secure because there is a screening protocol in place at an event, building, or or even a plane.

One you need to talk to a Prison security officer sometime, they see more makeshift weapons that kill people than the CIA does. Next go to a very good Martial arts studio some time, not the one that teach you or your kids, how to be a green belt, although most could teach a person to kill very easily. But one where they are at the top of the game, most would consider a weapon harder to use than hands or feet.

We need to realize that the 9/11 hijackers did not need the weapons they had to pull off the attacks. They where more a prop, to initially scare people into listening to them. The rule on a plane at the time was for the pilot, and flight crew to listen to the terrorist, accept their control, and report it to the ground folks. After that, when the plane landed, the FBI or someone would take over, and negotiate a release, or storm the plane. One hijacker made a bomb out of a piece of electrical tape wrapped around a few bars of soap, both still allowed thru screening. This was enough to take over a plane prior to 9/11, not anymore. In fact the reason the hijackers had to pull off the plan for all the planes at the same time is that once anyone knew about the scenario, the pilots would not get out of their seats. The people on the plane where going to fight like hell to stop it, as well.

Things like making the cockpit harder to get into is a big plus, it gives the pilot a chance to get the plane on the ground before the terrorist gets to them. The rules for not letting people stand around the front of the plane are also very good. I can say even the screening being a bit better is good.

But the key to 9/11 not happening like that again is the new mindset of all of us, and the pilots of the planes. I was brought in to talk to a large number of pilots very soon after 9/11. The subject was how to regain control of the plane, I sat a few down and we went thru different scenarios, all resulted in the same solution. Head for ground as soon as an incident started, and always the last resort was to crash the plane into the ground. The had solved the 9/11 problem, before most had even landed their planes that day. Once the word was out on the intentions of the attackers, it was not going to happen, look at flight 93.

We are all our best security, the bad guys are trying to think of new ways to get us, but I will put my money on the good guys anytime to out think them. As long as we are thinking, which is totally up to us.


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  1. Having worked and traveled extensively in foreign countries I can tell you that people outside the US are generally more security aware than those in the US. I think the reasons are many. People in the US have come to believe that it it solely the job of the government to keep them secure, they are preoccupied with their everyday lives and what is on TV, they are detached from what is going on in the world and for the most part do not deal with the daily threats that are present in a lot of countries.