Sunday, September 4, 2011

Juarez Hospitals Install Bulletproof Doors | KTSM News Channel 9

Juarez Hospitals Install Bulletproof Doors | KTSM News Channel 9

One has to be careful here, one I think the term Bullet Resistant Doors will be more exact, no door should ever be considered bullet proof. The statement that the doors are there to prevent and attack, should also be clearer. If the attackers used one of the shoulder fired rockets to attempt an entry, it would probably be successful. Another issue is the attack itself, hospitals are notoriously hard to prevent entry, since the public needs access for the Hospital to be successful. Gang member is NY have often used a member faking an injury to gain admittance then allow others in by simply holding the door open.

This is not to say that the funds spent on the door are not well spent, they may well prevent bullets from nearby shootings for entering the Hospital, and if the windows and wall can also resist stray bullets then the return on investment may well be achieved with just that protection. Like wise if attackers can be delayed entry for even a few minutes then if there is a nearby police or military response team, the doors may also prove a value.

When ever funds are spent on security enhancements it is key to really know what they will be effective against. I have seen many homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on expensive door locks mounted on doors that a very small bad guy can kick in with ease. A false sense of security is often much worse than limited security. Vendors work off of fear, and then try and focus on just the threat that their product is designed for. The lock being one of the most sold items for high security. They use fear to focus the potential client on the lock, and how that lock can not be beat. In some cases they are right, I have investigated many times after an attack, and lock is still in place on the piece of door I pick up off the floor. Delay time for the attacker to get thru the door, less than 2 seconds, and often it is former boy friend, not some violence prone Cartel member.

Upgrading security is often a good idea, just be careful to look at the whole problem not just the lock on the door.

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