Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mexico's drugs war goes to school - Features - Al Jazeera English

Mexico's drugs war goes to school - Features - Al Jazeera English

This is precisely why to give in to the Cartels, will only increase violence. If you look at trends, when wanna be cartel midlevel bosses can not make addtional funds with drugs they turn to kiddnaping and extortion like what is going on here. Cartel at all levels have the same problems as many businesses, they must grow or die. In the case of the lower cartel forces, it has come to a matter of survival for them. To keep their followers in line they need to find other sources of income.

If legalizing drugs even was an option, then the cartel enforcers will need to move to even more violent methods of gaining money. As much as people would like to point to the end of prohibition as the end of the Gangs that ran bootlegging, history shows they just moved more heavily into protection rackets, prostitution, and gambling. When that could meet thier ends, they moved into Unions, and finally drugs. If you look at them now, even a mere fraction of their original power, they still need to find methods to make money.

To give into the Cartels will not be the end of the problem, they will continue to grow and need to expand their influence into other money making criminal enterprises.


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