Thursday, September 29, 2011

Michael Jackson's security guard, wooed by tabloids, finally speaks at trial -

Michael Jackson's security guard, wooed by tabloids, finally speaks at trial -

This security guard was in over his head, but certainly did his job the best he could.

One, he is listed as a security guard, not a body guard, as many have said he was. Two, he is obviously dedicated to his client. Unfortunately that is where the good part ends, but I will say the many body guards are in the same position as this guard. I think more and more body guards are going to have to be at least familiar with addiction, and as best they can be able to work with the client or sometimes the corporation or family that is paying them, to provide a further service to the client.

It is not often that this comes up, in fact only a few times in the past few years has the ability to deal with a client with addiction problems come up for me. In those cases the clients family or corporation has paid, usually thru a lawyer. There are classes that body guards can take that would help them deal with the issue, this is in addition to the combat or other 5 minuet type medical training every bodyguard should receive. It really was painful to hear that a portable defib was not there, let alone a blood pressure cuff.

Clients, with problems, may actually be receptive to a body guard with these qualifications as they leave a treatment center, but as many bodyguards know, this does not last long if the client is not ready to make a change. So even getting paid by a third or offset party, it is just prudent to get a upfront payment for services, as well as a signed contract. The contract does not have to be a long term thing, just something that will cover time and effort, if the gig goes south quickly. 15 days is what I felt covered my risk. My expenses were paid up front and as incurred.

The fact that you are security not a addiction counselor, is it appears a big plus, as corporations and or families are not big on press possibly seeing a addiction companion, but security does not have a bad connotation. In every case so far it was possible to find local lower cost security folks that had the qualities we needed to take over before the 15 days where up, although staying with the client 30 days or so is common, even with the local support. CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is what I had taken to enhance my interviewing techniques, and that turned out to big plus in these situations. You are not qualified to be a therapist with these courses, although I have found a number of very good body guards who are licensed therapists. I am not sure that this type of work will come up that often, but it is always good to further your capabilites, to increase your value, and or special side abilities.

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