Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miniature Laser Magnetometer :: Nasa Tech Briefs

Miniature Laser Magnetometer :: Nasa Tech Briefs

We need more information, but this new technology may have many more uses, that its Scientists envisioned.

Other studies a few years ago used a ground based technology for reading earth magnetic pulls and changes, to look for trapped minors, broken tunnels. With this innovation of that technology, it may allow drones and other aviation based platforms, to look for tunnels. This would be very helpful in the Gaza strip, and the US Mexico border.

Safety is an issue, but if resolved think of the ability use this technology to look for weapons on people. It could be used by used by Police, Security, and DOD to scan people entering shopping malls, airports, bus and train terminals. This would allow for security to do stand off screening of suspects, like bank robbers, drug dealers, suicide bombers.

This is also it should be pointed out a result of the technology transfer from NASA, and something we may see less of with the down playing of our space program.


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