Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More proof that vending machines are bad for you

More proof that vending machines are bad for you

It is not just ATM machines that steal credit card data. Vending machines, Gas Station Gas pumps, even the store where you swipe your card at the cashiers station, can be scammed. In two situations the credit card swipe units had been altered to both catch swipes of the card, but also the pin number. Many times the cashier, or at least one of them is in on the scam, but it is not necessary. If a few cases the personnel from the card swipe maintinance company have been involved, but most of the time these are the folks that find the altered card swipes.

I should mention, that the non technical theft of the card info is still alive and well. People still look in trash cans outside restaurants and even gas stations to try get numbers. The waiter that did not get the tip they felt they deserved, are still stealing data, but now days they have an easier time of selling the numbers to bad guys on line.

One method I have not yet seen comprimised, but is a vulnerability, is the airport check in systems. In many cases the passenger uses his credit card to ID themselves into the kiosk, and then if they want additional services, often punch in their PIN number. Altering these systems is fairly easy since they are outside the secure area of the airport. But even then many of these kiosk's are tied to the Airline systems wirelessly, and very vulnerable to people with lap tops even smart phones in the area.

The bad guys just keep coming,


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