Friday, September 2, 2011

Recommended NIMS Personnel Credentialing Process

Recommended NIMS Personnel Credentialing Process
When a request for mutual aid is received, the potential supporting department or agency evaluates its capacity to accommodate the anticipated loss of the resources that would be deployed without compromising mission performance (e.g., can a fire department allow 20 percent of its equipment and personnel to be deployed to another jurisdiction for 30 days and still meet its own community’s needs?).
If the potential supporting department or agency determines that it can accommodate the requested deployment of resources, it must next identify specific personnel who will be deployed. The department or agency then submits applications for each member selected for deployment to an authorized accrediting agency identified by the credentialing authority of the State to which the mutual aid will be provided.
The accrediting agency evaluates each application and determines whether the applicant meets the established criteria for the positions required by the mission. Applications that the authorized accrediting agency determines fail to meet established criteria are returned to the submitting department or agency, and may be resubmitted with additional documentation or when the applicant’s qualifications change. For applications that are approved by the authorized accrediting agency, the following steps are taken:
  • The applicant’s department or agency is notified.
  • A record is created on the individual in the official credentialing database.
  • An identification card or other credential is issued to the individual. (The identification card or credential should include an expiration date and be reissued as appropriate.)
  • Information on the applicant is uploaded to the incident management infrastructure.
The following figure illustrates the recommended credentialing process:
A flowchart.  At the top is “department/agency decides to participate.”  This points to “department/agency selects  members to participate.”  This points to  “department/agency submits individual’s application to an authorized  credentialing agency.”  If the individual  is not qualified, the flow is to “reapply when qualified.”  If the individual is qualified, the flow is  to “credentialing organization acts,” which points to five actions: “periodic review of credentialing  organization by third-party reviewer,” “record created and database updated,”  “card/ID issued, periodically reissued,” “department/agency notified,” and  “information uploaded to management infrastructure.”

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