Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sources name new cartel boss in Reynosa | cartel, friday, bloody -

Sources name new cartel boss in Reynosa | cartel, friday, bloody -

Once again good news on the Mexico Governments front to break up the Cartel. That this man and or his Cartel felt they had to show an established man in charge, would point to the fear on the cartel's side that a vacuum would have allowed other Cartels to move in. The bad news is that this is not some flunky, he has been in a position of power for some time, which would point to organizational skills above the normal Cartel player.

His skill set hopefully includes the ability to sustain power with out an escalation of violence. Those are type of background info I am sure the Mexico Law Enforcement folks are going thru now.

On another note from a profile front, there have to be Cartel members that have the wealth and self confidence to know it is down hill from perhaps not today, but some day soon, and want to cash out. Get there families to some foreign location where they can live and be safe, sort of the old rum runners in the US who melded into the legal business, and left the crime to others. Not always a viable solution, when dealing with other criminal elements like in Mexico. It may have to suffice that they realize then can only save their families or children, and then only in foreign countries. But they have to be thinking of a plan B, if they are able to organize at a high level, they they have the rational mentality to start protecting assets to include the family with enough funds to make the transition to a legalized future. Not even a drug dealer wants to have his family live in fear the rest of their lives.

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