Friday, September 30, 2011

Texas Border Residents Pawns In Border Security War Games | NewsTaco

Texas Border Residents Pawns In Border Security War Games | NewsTaco

I think the writer is correct on many of the stats and indeed facts, on violence down on the border. The writer is either as wrong misinformed as to the real facts and what they mean. The Generals are correct that a lot of incidents do not get reported, or are reported as non Cartel related, because the border cities do not want the bad rap, true reporting may cause. This head in the sand approach, is unfortunately what the border cities on the other side of the border did for years, and now look at what they have. When I walk over to Reynosa it is a ghost town, gun battles are almost a daily occurrence.

The Generals are also correct that it is moving over at an alarming rate. Talk to people on the border that deal with the issues. Small enclaves of safe houses are already here, for Cartel members that do not want to face the constant violence on the other side. But as the Cartel's come over so do the problems they have with other Cartel members. Already people in McAllen Texas do not go to specific restaurants or even parts of the City at night, for fear of getting in between feuding Cartel members. Not talked about as much, is the fact that some folks are just uncomfortable around Cartel members, who may go off for even the smallest perceived insult, and start fights, that if they look like they will lose, escalate to gun fire.

So like Reynosa and other Mexico side border towns, that saw an increase in business when the Cartels first showed up, border towns on the US side are seeing increases in home sales, bar and restaurant sales, all good things, but the negative side is slowly showing as well. Youth are being brought in as low level assets to Cartels, businesses are seeing extortion attempts rise, the newest being phone scams, that used to be a rare occurrence, are now becoming common place.

One anonymous restaurant owner has confided to friends that his new restaurant that he moved from Mexico, is getting many of the same customers, and the vague threats have started. Many fleeing Mexico, are bypassing the border towns all together, they see the signs, and do not want to deal with it. They consider Houston and Dallas better risks, even though both of those Cities are seeing Cartel problems as well.

Still City leaders with the either support or telling the Police to not report crimes as possible Cartel incidents. We have had gun fights between moving vehicles on a number of occasions. In the last moving vehicle shooting incident, the police report that yes the victims had known Cartel links, and yes there was an assassination on the other side of the border, with links to the victim. But will not make the jump to saying this is Cartel violence. Yes, incidents are just bar fights, yes incidents are domestic fights, the problem is they are people with a propensity for violence as Cartel members over here. A gun man killer on the other side of the border, just does not change his stripes because he came across the border. He just feels he in the meanest guy over here, and will not take any back talk from simple US citizens.

So yes the Generals took some liberties with numbers and statistics, but they are correct on the facts, the war is coming, and to many is already here.


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