Friday, September 9, 2011

What to do about a “specific,” “real” terror threat? - Achenblog - The Washington Post

What to do about a “specific,” “real” terror threat? - Achenblog - The Washington Post

This gentleman has it spot on, take a deep breath, and keep on living your life.

What we all need to do is file away the threat info in the back of our minds, and carry on. If we see something suspicious then retrieve the information and make a rational decision on what to do next. Here is a quick training video on how to report a suspicious person place or event.

About the only thing you need to do now is try and find a non emergency number that you can call to report suspect activity. if nothing else call 911, but those operators are often inundated with existing emergancys and are under a time constraint. There are local numbers you can call, to report suspect activity. In many cases the 911 operator can press a button and send you to the proper folks.

Always remember, take a few deep breaths, it will help you calm down, and allow for a real focus on the event you are seeing. It also allows you to more effectively take the next actions needed, to report or protect your self and your loved ones. Just panicking does not help, and as much as I tell folks to not panic, I find the best thing is for them to take a few deep breaths, remember your Mom told you to count to ten before reacting to a scary situation, same here, take 10 deep breaths, and think about how you are going to respond to this situation.

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