Sunday, October 9, 2011 : Cartel connection reveals why La Familia targeted Austin : Cartel connection reveals why La Familia targeted Austin

As our Government leaders, mainly City Fathers of towns effected, keep down playing the drug violance, all over the US, but Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California. the violence keeps growing. The more Cartel Gunman arrive and at first keep the violence between the Cartels, then leak to our youth and businesses, the harder it will be to stop it later.

We need to stop this encroachment now, Mexico first said it was just between Cartels years ago, then it was not in the tourist areas a year ago. Now it is attacking school teachers in tourist areas. We need to stop saying it is just a bar fight in border towns and look into the fact that known Cartel members are the ones involved in the bar fights. There are places in Austin, Houston, and Dallas where locals are no longer welcome in bars and restaurants. Even Georgia has this problem, we used to say it was just New York and LA Gangs causing the drug violence problems. More and more when you look into it, the Cartels are slowing taking control, and the violence is more pronounced.

We need to put a concerted effort into getting a handle on the problem. The DEA needs to step up the their game, the FBI and Intel agencies need to support the DEA and local police. Our youth are the first one's targeted by the Cartels, giving them jobs, where they can not find any other work, we need to work against this now.



  1. How can caring amercians make a small effort with out raising to many flags that will put our families in danger ?

  2. I think right now, finding a way to let people text and tweet each other warnings, and reporting incidents to the police, and the press, are key. We need to make it anonymous if possible. I think a key would be if Google or Microsoft developed something.