Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Iran assassination plot doesn't add up for Iran experts -

Why Iran assassination plot doesn't add up for Iran experts -

There are a lot of problems with the story as it has been released so far. It does not seem to follow the security protocols normally used by Iran. On the other hand it has been reported in some circles that the little outspoken leader of Iran, came back from the UN with his wings clipped a bit. But even the time line does not track, for him to ok, this action.

It well could be that it is more of a lone wolf type of action by disgruntled used car salesman, but if so, telling a Zeta Cartel Killer, you are going to give him 1.5 million, and only have one hundred thousand is not the precursor to a long life.

Even the Zeta part of the plot does not track very well, they also like Iran, would have to know that the US would spank, if they did something like this. But one must remember that it was a DEA agent not a Zeta enforcer he was talking to.

It will be interesting to see how the story plays out, even if just a small player, it would still be kudos's to the FBI and DEA for taking the guy down. But DOJ and others may have to eat some crow, if it turns out Iran had no knowledge of the incident. I also think the GOP should be very wary of trying to make to much out of this as well.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath, before anymore action is taken. If it turns out Iran did have a hand in this, then there is time to send them a real message, like a drone down main street Tehran hitting the hotel now used as a terror central.

That would get some attention from the People of Iran, and show how vulnerable Iran really is to US weaponry.

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