Monday, November 21, 2011

Borderland Beat: New Routes for Mexico's Black Market Arms

Borderland Beat: New Routes for Mexico's Black Market Arms

I am definitely not a big supporter of our Attorney General Holder, I am how ever not a believer that he has had anything to do with our US Agents death. His crime if there is one, is the same as the Agent that was just sent to jail for two years, he lied and tried to cover up his knowledge of the Fast and Furious program, as such he should I think suffer the same fate, or at least have the sentence against the agent, vacated in some way.

But to the point, as bad as some think Fast and Furious was, the truth is that the vast predominance of arms come from other than the US or at least not directly from the US. In the article 60%, of the weapons recovered are from thefts of Mexico Government military storage. So the speeches of the President of Mexico over the US providing the weapons used by the Cartels is not factually true. The article point to new routes, yet in the article it talks of this weapons traffic from South America, and internal thefts have been happening for years. To make a training video on weapons and training Sheriff's departments all over the US, I have had to study weapons transfers and where they are made. For instance an AK 47, good weapon of choice for Cartel members, cost roughly 5 times as much coming from the US, as it does from South American countries, that have been provided these weapons by Russia, China, and other countries for years. There are stock piles of these weapons all over South America, some countries even have been licensed to make the weapon.

Another weapon of choice for the Cartels, is the Uzi sub machine gun, once again way to expensive in the US, in fact US gangs use Tec 9s and such, that are cheap knock offs, that fire the same caliber cartridges and bullets. In fact the Tec 9 can fire a normal 9mm, which tends to make Uzi's jam. In fact the high end folks in the US moved off Uzi's with the open bolt problem years ago, in favor of H&K MP 5s, and in most case have even moved on from them to newer weapons. But the Uzi is still a big player in the Cartels, and they can get them also from many places in South America. In fact when Israel was training South American Police in the 80's thru till today, they often pushed the Uzi as the weapon of choice. Thefts from the South American countries, are probably the main source of Uzi's for the Cartels.

So if in some way we can stop all weapons from going to the Mexico from the US, it will hardly make a dent in the Cartel's capabilities of procuring weapons. Holder may be guilty of many things, but of the death of our US Agent? Bad people are the cause of the Agents death, and we should be after them, a focus on the Cartels, and their inroads to the US should be our first priority.


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