Friday, November 4, 2011

U.S. Report Blasts China, Russia for Cybercrime | Product Design and Development

U.S. Report Blasts China, Russia for Cybercrime | Product Design and Development

The key point here is, it will be hard if not impossible to stop. China is also correct that they are a target as well, mainly from within. With a Government that often picks winners and losers, China has a lot of people inside that fight to get what has been stolen from the US and others, so they can get to market with it.

Russia it would seem is still using info to steal actual funds, more than ideas for new products. But everyone is doing it, sometimes by just allowing it to happen, by hackers in their countries and then monitoring their finds. It is not going to get better any time soon, and for those that are still in love with VPN's, they are but another fence hackers have to jump over. Like in most intelligence groups, they tend to focus on things being encrypted and that are on VPN's. It is sort of a sign post that important stuff is here, so focus on this.

Now this does not mean that they beat them all the time, it does mean we need to look for a weak link here, something we can exploit. Which is what normally happens.

The other part is to remember the attack plan of Intel agencies,is to get 10% of information from each attack, and just keep attacking till you get enough of the picture to work with. So if China allows their hackers loose, then just waits for bits and pieces of the info they want to flow by, they are very happy. Now tell a Russian mob boss you have only gotten 10% of the info they want, you could be in a bit of trouble, but Governments do not have to work that way.

No country is clean in this arena, and very few companies are totally clean. It is sort of like when intel types would capture faxes over telephone lines, print them out, and rumple them a bit and claim they got them from looking at your garbage. In fact emails with PDF's that have the letter head and signatures on them, it is quite simple to make the same claim, and even change the wording in the PDF, so it is more incriminating and printing that out. I am not sure courts can ever trust documents presented as evidence anymore.

With fully 90% of all voice communications going digital at some point of the communications path, taping telephone lines is pretty old school. It still happens, but I would look for some cyber criminal, being the go to guy in this case as well.

So Cybercrime is here to stay, and is growing, it covers everything from espionage to terrorist attacks. Extortion is becoming a big part of cyber crime, which is breathing life into some old and new mafia types. The new moves to virtual and cloud computing, have not helped, but you have to look at risk vs reward in going forward with IT plans, and many experts will tell you virtual and cloud, will not really make it any easier to attack, maybe harder to detect an attack, maybe.

Rich Roth

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