Friday, March 9, 2012

Suspicious Letters Containing Powder Found at 3 Locations in DC

Suspicious Letters Containing Powder Found at 3 Locations in DC

This can be a real threat, and not all that hard to do. The letters sent in the US after 911 where weaponized , ie made more effective by a very difficult and dangerous laboratory action. This appears to be not be a weaponized version of the cell structure, since no one was apparently harmed by it. Most anthrax exposures, are not deadly, but all could or can be.

It at a time was called the sheep herders illness, since people that hand cut sheep wool, would at time pickup the spores. In the US a group of angry white supremacists, went to a spot in the desert, that they knew sheep had been buried after coming down with the illness. They planned to use the spores they dug up, mixed with a hand cream, and spread on the stair rails in court houses. They where turned in by a scorned girl friend.

If you suspect you have been around a letter or item laced with the spores, do not panic, but get physically away from it. Wash your hands very well, and then once you have done this then wash your face and other areas that may have been exposed. Call the police, and report the incident, do not let anyone into the area, and you may want to keep away from others as well. When possible, take off the clothes you had on, and take a good long shower with a strong soap. Bag the clothes before you shower, and try and not touch even the outside of the bag after you shower and put on new clothes.

Wait till the authorities give you an all clear before going back into the area, or touching the clothes or bag holding them. In most cases, you will be fine, and at worse may get a rash or other skin irritation.

In this last case the powder was white, in most cases it will be a dull brown, but could be mixed with a powder of any color, so be careful.

Please see video for more info:

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