Monday, April 2, 2012

Gunman kills at least 3 at Oakland college, others wounded | Reuters

Gunman kills at least 3 at Oakland college, others wounded | Reuters  

Like many situations, people on the edge, tend to act, when they see others acting out.  Just like when an attack on the President happens there is a period of time that a lot of threats will happen. Unfortunately the same is true when a suicide occurs, other near the edge tend to follow.

There are 9 people shot, up to 6 killed at this time,  in the Oakland college area., following the Ohio shooting, more can be expected.  It is to soon to know what the cause or weapon used is, but follow on reports will help clarify.  This is a mixed use area of businesses and the college, so the possibility of a workplace violence shooting has not been totally ruled out.

Having plans that include lock down of entrances to the college and even nearby businesses are the biggest mitigation factor in most of these situations.  Having places in rooms that can be fortified to minimize random shots from entering thru walls, windows, or doors are also very helpful.  Even putting desks on their sides and creating a safe space behind them is a workable solution.

At that point stay safe, and if you have communications contact the police, with information as to how many people are with you and your location.  They will ask questions, like does the shooter sound near, or moving away.  They will not want you to put yourself in danger, they just want your best idea of the situation.  The biggest help you can be to the rescuers at this point is to stay safe till they can get to you.

Things like descriptions are not as helpful in these situations as you would think, a more helpful piece of information is how rapidly are they shooting, or how often does it sound like they are reloading.  All this can be obtained by simply listening and not putting your self in any danger.

Rich for the Disguised Weapons video, and for other training videos.

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