Sunday, April 29, 2012

Insurgents Attack Governor’s Office in Southern Afghanistan -

Insurgents Attack Governor’s Office in Southern Afghanistan -

There is so much to be learned from this incident,

I am not a big proponent of  the whole body imager,, but my problem is more in the way they use it, by they I mean the TSA.  It can miss things, but it can also find things the walk thru metal can not.  So I do not find the breach all that surprising, many in the industry know we can beat the unit.  But I also have to say, I can beat a walk thru metal detector as well. 

With all that said, two old Secret Service adages come to mind.  One never have just one layer of defense, any system can fail, have multiple layers.  Two, screening does not mean everyone is without a weapon or ability to hurt someone, screening just means we probably have more fire power that the other guys.

Multiple layers of defense come from as far back as ancient China, Sun Tzu, writings brought down thru the years, has spoken of this.    TSA and the security community as a whole I think realize this very well.  If you look behind the scenes, you will see a multi path system of security being constantly developed for our safety.  Too often we look at one part of the system and say it is not working, but please remember it is but one part of the system. 

When we analyze security, a screening check point is one of the stronger points, insider threats are still our biggest vulnerability. 

The key is still multiple layers, and not to ever think 100% secure.  During my first divorce, the Govt. took me off active work where I could cause a problem, and let my colleague's assess how I was handling it.  After a week, it was determined by the colleague's, the people that knew my best, that I was not a threat, and I was put back on active duty.  Now days actions like that are considered not politically correct.   But it still is the best way to get to insider threats.  When we see something out of hand or a friend or colleague not acting like they normally do, we too often do not speak up about them.  This makes us vulnerable to work place violence issues more, as well as any insider threat issue. 

We need to be more humanistic in our security, not a big brother state, in an Orwellian way, but more of we are all in this together.

There is even more to learn from this incident, so I will use it again.  Like always having an escape route, a plan for using them.


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