Thursday, June 28, 2012

FBI — Economic Espionage: A Foreign Intelligence Threat to Americans Jobs and Homeland Security

FBI — Economic Espionage: A Foreign Intelligence Threat to Americans Jobs and Homeland Security

Espionage is becoming it's own form of a drag on the US Economy and Jobs.  China is among the leading countries, trying to leap frog it's technology efforts on the backs of US Companies and Universities, and for the most part Universities are not  really concerned with espionage, but I think they will have to rethink that soon.

China has the world thinking that they are working the cyber espionage angle only, but actually are trying virtually any angle they can.  Israel has helped them in the past, either knowingly or duped one is not sure.   Talking with Government security types, it turns out the huge counter espionage desks, formerly reserved for the Russians are now focused on China.  It is about time US Business, & Academia does as well.

At the moment all most see is the profits to be made with the China business, what they do not seem to see is the down side of China's long term plan to leave us in the dust.  Other countries are in the game as well, from India, Russia, and the usual suspects.

What is needed is for the US to get in a adversarial mode. playing the nice guy is not going to work.  Yes, the US has a group playing counter spy, but what is needed, is a more "positive" approach, using our  abilities to move back into a cold war mode.  I am not sure the current administration is ready to play hard ball, there is this belief that the US is the big dog, and must not take advantage.  Those days are over, have been for a while, we need to take a closer look, advantage is on the side of the folks actively gathering data.

What is needed is a large surge, we need to know where the other country is going with what they are taking from us.  Not just the information, but also the reason and direction they are taking.  In five years what is the goal.  It is not just making what we make, it is leading the field, and anticipating the market.

This is going to take some real out of the box thinking, and a new policy of not just looking at defense, but at business espionage as well.  Our Businesses need to also become more proactive, they can not rely, on our government, who still has issues about helping US businesses with data they have received by their attempts.