Monday, February 11, 2013

IS-106.13 - Workplace Violence Awareness Training 2013

IS-106.13 - Workplace Violence Awareness Training 2013  This is another of the FEMA training series that should be taken by every mid level manager and above.  Then start back down the ranks, till everyone has taken it.  The last two courses we talked about dealt with security awareness, and active shooters, this takes us to the start of it. as far as being able to understand aggression and how it really is the motor for the rest.

Aggression is the start of violence and when if we notice it, we can track the record of the person from being just a loud mouth or depressed introvert, to a person that is going to hurt people or themselves.  By understanding the types triggers, and levels of workplace violence,  You will understand and be able to better identify aggression.

Did I mention that this course takes less than an hour and is free.  Most firms can not afford this type of training at any level.  I give courses like this to everything from large private firms to Government Agencies.  This is not only a very good course you take on your own, but hits all the points needed for Workplace Violence Awareness.  This once again helps mitigate liability to your firm, but also has a great chance to save lives.

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