Monday, February 11, 2013

IS-907 - Active Shooter: What You Can Do

Emergency Management Institute 

IS-907 - Active Shooter:  What You Can Do

This is another free course all in security should take, if you are experienced to get on the same page with everyone else being trained, if you are a beginner it is a great basic course.  All managers Government as well as Private Sector, should take the course and then decide who else should receive the training.

Every security person from guard standing a post to the security directors should also take this course.  If you are writing a guard contract, it should be added to the requirements, for existing contracts, it is tough to make it a requirement, it is possible to add this as one of the criteria looked at for advancement in the guard force.

There is a basic plan outline here, as well as a booklet and poster that can be printed out and made available to all workers.  Every business, every facility could well be the next target of an Active Shooter, this provides them with the basics of how to plan, develop, and train for a coherent response to an incident.

For you owners and managers, if an incident happens, this course would be a great way to mitigate liability.  Just requiring your staff to take the course, means you have addressed the issue.  It is hard to get up in a court raise your right hand and explain to the Jury that you could not afford a free online course that could help protect your clients, staff, and visitors.

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