Friday, February 8, 2013

Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do

Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do 

This is a free online security course that all Americans should take. It will cost you less than an hour of your time, and will provide the Security Expert or the Jr. High School Child a very good foundation to not only counter terrorism, but how to protect yourself from all types of crime or violence  by enhancing your awareness.  I truly like what we at CTI have done and provide via You Tube and our Blogs, but this is really well done, (they may have had access to more funds than we) and provides you with a certificate of completion at the end, after you take a test.

I have written quite a bit lately on Security Guard Training, this is  exactly what I was talking about.  This is free training that every security guard should have.  If I were putting out a guard contract in the near future, this training is one of the courses and certificates I would require all guards to have.

If you are in a terrorist target area, like an airport or large Corporation in NY, LA, DC, Chicago, or any large City, I would require all cleaning staff, security personnel, parking attendants, and as many staff as you can to take this course.  We have a real chance here to put a lot of eyes and ears on the street, and that is our best chance of success .

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