Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'Four trucks filled with bodies' after Reynosa firefight

'Four trucks filled with bodies' after Reynosa firefight - The Monitor: Local News

There is a great need for someone to get a handle on the issues in Reynosa as this escalation is getting very dangerous to both the people and businesses along the border.   Rumors are being circulated that every colonia on the Mexican side of the border has been dived up by the Cartels, and the Zeta's have most of the control in the Reynosa area.  There has been no real confirmation of this yet, but there needs to be.  Apparently the battles to control the colonias is where most of the deaths are now occurring.   We saw similar actions in Turkey in historical terms, where the phrase "young Turks" came from.  It is sort of breeding ground for young wantabe cartel gangsters, that have to prove their worth, which from a Zeta perspective is truly a very violent method. 

Rumor's also abound on the colonia's outside the established city limits on the US Side of the border.  They are becoming the dark underbelly of people escaping from Mexico Violence, but worse the crime is following them, as are the cartel control.   Most of the Cities can claim it did not happen here, but the County Sheriff's have to claim the colonia's that sprout up.  There needs to be an investigation into these colonias, which will be hard to do, but must be done.  These areas are the inroads into our Schools & Businesses here in the valley.  A very few bad guys coming over with the population looking to escape, can control them with very little law enforcement control over them.

Moving beyond rumors is the escalation of Cartel control of the Ropa trade in the valley.  Using the cross border truckers, who they already control via extortion and worse, the Cartels are slowing gaining control over the Ropa companies.  By controlling the truckers, Cartels can put these businesses out of business very quickly, a few out breaks of violence like fires have happen locally, but most of the encroaching control is much more subtle.

We could all be in for a very violent summer.

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