Monday, July 29, 2013

Mexican authorities accuse 5 detainees of being cartel lookouts in Reynosa - The Monitor: Local News

Mexican authorities accuse 5 detainees of being cartel lookouts in Reynosa - The Monitor: Local News

Excellent work by the Mexican Authorities, these look outs are what help keep the Drug Cartels in business.  As you cross over the pedestrian bridge from Hidalgo into Reynosa you always see lookouts on the bridge itself.  Normally it is a He, with multiple phones, if he see something of interest, I can often see the look out at a bar visible from the bridge answering the call, and looking up to see who is coming over.  If there is enough interest, the second look out at the Bar, quickly goes into the Bar and will come out with others.

Part of what we teach US State Department Staff is how to recognize these look outs.  Often we can see them on the US side of the Hidalgo bridge.   For a long while it was a taxi driver who never seem to take fare's but did get on the phone a lot as cars came into the area.  Sometimes he would give warnings to car's coming into the US, and you would see them avert their path to take either the road to the right, or blast off down the main road.

Teams of look outs have been seen near military road giving hand signals and sometimes using small flags as to the level of security at the bridge they where watching.  If to much security, then the drivers go to the next bridge to check the security levels there.

In the Mid East, we would conduct surveys to see where the look outs where, and where they may want to be if they target a State Department Employee.  There are many if not all hotels in Russia, where look outs are paid by multiple sources to keep an eye on visitors.   Some even would help delay people till an outside surveillance team could get in place.

In the Valley, we have conducted these assessments of people's homes and offices and the travel routes between to determine one if they are under surveillance, and two to teach people how to recognize surveillance teams.

In every case in the valley that we have looked at regarding a kidnapping or car jacking the victim always reports that yes after the fact they did notice people watching them.  The key is to become aware before it happens.  Even purse snatchers and pickpockets conduct surveillance prior to attacking.

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