Monday, August 12, 2013

Nightmare of terrorists with bombs surgically implanted INSIDE their bodies | Mail Online

Nightmare of terrorists with bombs surgically implanted INSIDE their bodies | Mail Online

 In this story is the mention of an explosive, liquid that was used to saturate some clothing and then let it dry and wear in on. There is a lot of ways to hide explosives that folks in the business have known about for years.

The liquid explosive plot that was hatched in Britain, and may have changed our travel life for ever, was known by the vast majority of the professions in the counter terrorism business for many years. It was just sort of not talked about since the bad guys had to that point not figured out how to exploit the vulnerability.

There are more out there, that keep many of us wondering when it will show. This internal attack method is harder than other possible plans we know about. For instance a simple attack that has been used by drug carriers for years, is to put small amounts of explosive into small bags and swallowed. With the intent of either defecating them on a long flight, or even defecating them in the passenger lounge before the flight. Now you have a mold-able explosive, and if you use multiple passengers, could have quite a bit of explosive.

This among other attacks are ones I worry more about than a small amount located internally inside a person. Quite possible, but better ways to do it.

It should be said we have gone to the whole body scanner, which even the manufactures agreed had only a 50/50 chance of finding the original underwear bomb, let alone these new threats. We need to rethink our knee jerk responses to new threats.

With that said, non metallic weapons could not be found by the metal detectors, so the use of whole body imagery had to be in our arsenal of counter measures, the question would be did it have to be used as the primary detector. Liquid explosives are still a threat, we still do not have a great detector for them, but as many passengers ask me, in the original plot did the not have multiple people, and each one now days could bring X amount of explosives? The shoes are still one of the most difficult things to scan, with out taking them off and placing them on the belt of the xray. So yes knee jerk reactions, but there is a need, the question is how they are implemented. Is it the most effective in a risk approach?

I will end with, when the bad guys figure out some of the other vulnerabilities we have that are still not talked about, do we just stop all airline traffic?

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