Thursday, September 12, 2013

China Agents enter Guilty plea in Colorado Springs espionage case

The High Ground / Guilty plea in Colorado Springs espionage case

This is right out of a spy novel, deep in the heartland of the US, Colorado Springs, a single security aware employee sees something suspect and reports it to the FBI.  This is not a chip that many even know about or even a company.  It is the US playing the long game in developing chips that may withstand the effects of a Nuclear blast, in this case the EMP part of the blast that will cripple most of the world by disabling electronic components.

Which brings in the science fiction movies of Mad Max, in a world of old basic cars being the only things that will run ( they do not use sophisticated electronic chips)  Or the TV show depicting a world with out electricity, it uses a much less plausible attack but the same results.  Our entire electric grid in the US, and as most of the world is controlled by sophisticated electronic switching systems. Experts estimate between 70% to 90% of our electricity grid will just stop working, after certain nuclear attacks.

Now China knows the long game as well, and this type of chip is critical to being the survivor of a nuclear attack. They are working against our electrical grid with targeted attacks on the SCADA systems , that network of sensors that keep the grid working and talking to other parts of the grid., but this is a survivor chess move.  If a nuclear attack hurt a countries grid, then they would be the weaker.

Now bring on the very sophisticated attempt here.  Now we are talking computer chips here, first they are taken from a small electronics company working on US Gov, contracts.  Not in New York, LA or Washington DC, but in Colorado Springs.  Most of the US would never expect an espionage attempt there.

Once you have the chip, you are on the run, just like the spy film they have to get the device out of the country as quickly and safely as possible, which requires a lot of logistics and planning.  So the device is hidden in a infants formula container, that is taken to the port of Long Beach Ca, where China actually has years ago purchased a pier and storage buildings. The question is do they want to chance the US catching on and having an excuse to raid this basically Chinese land of the Pier, or do they opt for a China Flag ship that is also in port.  They know once they can get the Chinese flag ship into international waters, it would take almost if not an act of war to get the chip back.  By the way sit back and think of all the logistics of this attempt, it is mind boggling.

Now the FBI has to see how far they can let this go, with out losing the chip, they also need to be aware of the international incident that can be caused by a mis-step.

Now, it all started by one employee that was not just doing his job, but was also security aware enough to recognize the suspect event.  He did not need to know the whole plot, just that what he saw was suspect, and how he could act on it.

CTI provides this training to groups, firms, even at times the US Government as we did with the CAG program for the US State Department.  We provided counter espionage awareness training, not using high tech sensors, but by just being more aware of your surroundings.  This awareness does not just help stop high or low level espionage, but terrorist attacks, simple theft, even workplace violence.  Let CTI provide this training to your team.  Call and set up a training session at 301-907-0127.

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