Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Internet Talk Radio | The Philosophy of Security – Is there a possible solution to the Chicago violence |

Internet Talk Radio | The Philosophy of Security – Is there a possible solution to the Chicago violence |

This radio interview was addressing for the most part the violence in Chicago, but in the bigger picture, we really have not had a big break through in the Science of Policing for quite some time.  This program in Bensenville is new in the respect that it adds intelligence gathering and training of the different watch groups as a way to both get people more involved but also give them some (washed) sensitive intelligence so they can help the Police more.

Some point to the New York stop and frisk, but most gang squad police will tell you this has been done for years, New York  just really put a name to it, and expanded the method by a lot.  But still make no mistake, it has done a lot to reduce crime.  You can also point to this New York Police Chief, as a leader in really using Intelligence to a bigger degree than in the past.  I think he first directed it at the terrorist problem, but like all counter terror programs, it also helps in (should we call it) normal criminal problems.

Looking at the two approaches, Bensenville, and New York, the one thing that jumps out is intelligence, and the one thing that improves intelligence the most is getting information from the people down close to the problem.

There are a lot of great thinkers out there, including the young folks involved in the digital world like Google and Facebook, as well as Linked in, and others.  We need all to be thinking of solutions to not only the Chicago problem, but also the worlds conflicts, like the Cartels in Mexico, how do we help the Citizens of Mexico regain their country.  Please give us your thoughts,

One I have looked at for years has to do with a Debate Team South East Conference held in Shreveport La, at the Collage there.  I had the honor to be one of many judges at the conference, to do so I went back and researched the rules again, and then listened to these Students and Graduates deal with real world issues.  I think the rules and points systems held these folks to a fairly ridged way of debating the different subjects, one for instance was the whole Syrian crisis.

If we could, one put more of these debaters in the roles like the Mideast Peace conference I think we could push by a lot of the stalemates they keep running into.  Two, if more people learned the rules of debating as well as the "Roberts  Rules of Order" that they already use as a frame work, we may be able to get some new ideas on table and find some solutions.

Now take these skills to the Ministers , Business owners, Citizens, Police, perhaps even gang members of Chicago, perhaps we could find a dialog that would lead to a reduction in violence.  Chicago has some of the finest Collages in the World, and I am sure many well trained Debaters that could be used.

Just an idea, let me know yours?

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