Thursday, July 24, 2014

Swindlers Target Kin of Migrants, Scams at the border on the rise -

Swindlers Target Kin of Migrants -

Probably the biggest scam is on the US, and its people.  For instance Children around the age of two are being found with their names, DOB and USA phone number of someone to pick them up are being found. ICE is being used so much for babysitting that drug interdiction's for the past two months in the Rio Grande area are 18% of normal, not down 18% down 72%.

Drug Cartels are forgoing payments for transporting kids, in fact they are hiring local kids on the Mexico Border to make the last transfer across the river.  They set them up ahead of time, and then when the the Border Patrol (ICE as they are now known) are taking care of all the children and families (another scam on us) they run record loads of drugs across just down or up stream.

The shootings from the Mexico side near, not usually at, our Border Security Folks (I say this because they are shooting at Wild Life Management folks as well as Local Police, as well as the Border Patrol)  are also an effort to control where the border patrol folks pay attention too, once again so they can move their drugs across in other areas.

In just one park area near Mission and McAllen Texas, that is right across from a park on the Mexico side, you can watch folks hang out and even swim away from the shore of Mexico to test the response of our Security, not to find when they are not around like before, it is to get as many in the Border Security in the area as they can, since they know with all the Border Patrol, taking care of Kids, not that many are out there looking for them. Once again so they can transport drugs and people ( high priced people ) in other areas not being watched.

Let's back up to the families for a second, we keep hearing about the unaccompanied children, which are some pretty high numbers, but there is also a much larger number of families coming across, that also get close to the same treatment.  In other words they are taken in detained and then given court dates, and then moved out into the communities.  That is all those families with children you seen getting off planes in Detroit and other US Cities. the also get to stay until they face court dates that they 90 +% of the time do not show up for.   Estimates are those family numbers are five times those of the unaccompanied children, where is the push to send them back immediately?

The only people really getting hurt here appear to be the tax payers.  When the fog is lifted, we see the Cartels, saw an opening and exploited it.  Talks with people coming over find that the Cartels are paying for the posters in these central american countries, promising great lives, free from work in the US.   We find they the Cartels are paying a lot of the costs for getting the families and children up here, taking what they can from them on the way, exploiting them as much as they can on the way, prostituting the women and girls,  even the young males.  They have even had groups stop and help harvest crops on the way up, sometimes the drugs they want to transport as well.

It is a game of numbers and everyone is making out except the US Tax payer, this identity scam the NYT's is reporting, being used is just another game of numbers, keep playing the kids and families  as long as you can.  If it plays out like in the past it is not over for these people.  The exploitation will continue, every once in a while the family will be told that if they do not pay more, then they will tell the US Border Agents where they are, and deportation proceeding will start.  Most will pay, some will not, but all will face the extortion.  If a person gets caught he will offer up his list of locations of illegal immigrants to the authorities to get a reduced sentence,so in the end paying off the bad guys really never helps, but it will continue.   Illegal factory owners will buy names from the bad guys to exploit the illegal immigrants for labor.  They know the workers will take what ever pay they get in what ever conditions they have to work.

If you do not want to work the scam continues, illegal immigrants are taught all the ins and outs of our welfare systems, how to exploit each one, how do use any child's name on the welfare lists to get even more money.  Then to top it off the names are used again in Tax fraud scams, where a family claims to be taking care of children for tax deductions.  Most of the tax scam folks know just what will most likely get thru with out raising suspicions.  They normally charge a fee for each name provided on your tax form, what you do not know is they probably have used the name before, so when you go back next year, it maybe a new firm you are dealing with, same folks just a different firm.  But your chances of getting caught keep going up.

There are no good numbers on how many illegal immigrants can or have transitioned into lives better than what they had, but guesses from groups that take care of them, are not encouraging.   Most never will make a real life and yet they still are required to send money back to their home countries, where the scam there continues. Everything from taking 50% of a check sent back by the check cashing scam artists, to out right extortion by criminal actors.  The countries are happy, it is all money coming home, no matter who gets it.  This money coming back is a major part of the economy of all four of the countries involved to include Mexico.  When it comes from you the tax payer, Mexico can laugh even harder.

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