Sunday, August 3, 2014

'Hungary’s Prime Minister, Pushing a new Political system Putinism

'Hungary’s Mussolini' Vows to Make the EU Member an 'Illiberal State'

In what should be one of the more disturbing moves in the last year, Hungary's Prime Minister Victor Orban has declared that traditional capitalism has failed.  That the democracy of US, England, and in fact the EU at large has proven to be a failed system based on the Economic problems of the last few years.  He points to Putin as the new leadership model going forward.  He also gives a nod to China, and has taken a far stricter control of the Press, and of any outside funds being spent in Hungary.  A lot of EU aid funds are drying up over the fact that Orban has taken funds supplied by the EU as aid, and has redistributed it to Government Projects he approves of.

Pointing to the USA in his speech he shows what he believes to be the perceived  weakness of our political system next to what Putin has accomplished in Russia.

There are a lot of inconsistencies in his speech, and really for this "illiberal state",  pointing to liberalism as a proven to be a failed system, that the Russia and China Governments have gotten it right. He brings none of the negatives of Russia or China into the mix, just the points those areas he says has failed in the USA system.

If some form of this new political systems gains hold, and it is almost sure to gain the approval of Russia, since it holds Putin up as the world as the new strong leader, it would point to Communism's resurgence in the world.  The EU has decided not to even talk about this speech, trying to make it go away.  The bad news is this is the second term for Orban, and he is rapidly taking control of the countries different areas of Government to insure his power and policies will be hard to turn back.

Prime Minister Orban's background and formal schooling was in communism, and this new political model looks more like an altered communism approach vs a democracy.   We and our Government leaders really need to pay attention here.  It has been said that the only way the USA can be brought down is from within, and this certainly would be a model that attempts to do that.

Now here is a real threat to the Security of the Free World that we all need to understand, and deal with.

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