Friday, September 19, 2014

Gov. Perry: Americans are 'substantially concerned' about the border | Hannity | Fox News

Gov. Perry: Americans are 'substantially concerned' about the border | Hannity | Fox News

This video was taken about 40 feet from where the Gov. and Mr. Hannty are sitting.  They where there on a rainy day, this was taken a few days after when the sun was out.  But is shows you two things, one the river is not that wide, with parks and boat slips on both sides.  Two, fences will not work on this part of the border.  But if enforcement is being done correctly, this border does work.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

KSA and the Wahhabi Salafi Takfiri Terrorist Narrative

KSA and the Wahhabi Salafi Takfiri Terrorist Narrative

This is a good write up and follows what I know of the links.  The key to me is that the Wahhabi sect was a loosely held group of armed and very dangerous group of tribal wanderers of the Saudi Peninsula  sort of the Gypsy's of the desert.

The House of Saud, wanted to make a kingdom of the Arab Peninsula, but did not have enough power to do so, so they made a deal with the Wahhabi sect to use their warrior's and in return the sect, would get the religious and educational duties of the new kingdom, and the house of Saud would rebuild and protect the great shrine's of Islam.

Part of the deal was evangelical work would be by the sect, paid for by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is why so much of the spread of Islam is by this very militant side of the religion.

But do not forget most of the princes of the House of Saud are not as wealthy as some would believe and have been at these schools run by the sect, and are pretty much indoctrinated by their version of Islam.

Another problem is that many Saud Prince's are not in the real power and wealth of the tribe, and always have had turf wars over the running of the KSA.  Often they try and make side deals with the religious sect to take over and run the Kingdom as a true Islamic country, or at least their version of it.

Many of these mini take overs have been beaten back over the years, but it is always simmering under the surface. Any time an ISIS is coming to power, it makes the House of Saud and for that matter all the Kingdoms in the area at risk.   That is why Osama was banned when he became powerful, AQ became a risk to the rulers in the region, but the not in power Prince's saw this as a way to take over, which is another reason they tend to back the ISIS's of the world.

Monday, September 15, 2014

ISIL is heating things up and is bringing together the tactics and modes of operation from all types of the AQ terrorist groups

ISIL Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has been rumored to have tweeted he will draw the US into war by attacking Kuwait.  It appears his game plan is to provoke a US response.  His belief is that it is the only way he will be able to draw in a reluctant Obama administration.

The game plan between ISIL and Al Qada are disturbingly similar, both are focused on the US and how to make it pay for it's dealings in the Mid East.

AQ is a more low key but very heavy into long term planning, it is not even evident that ISIL is capable of the planning needed to carry off a plot like AQ has in the past.  with the Embassy bombings, or the London train bombings let alone the 9/11 plot.

There appears to be an affiliation with the AQ remnants in Yemen, and some belief that  the fairly sophisticated bombers that developed the underwear bomb and the printer cartridge bombs is now working with ISIL.
This is apparently the reason the head of TSA is worried about what this bomber will develop next.  It should be pointed out that the printer cartridge bombs both had been cleared at least once by security screeners at airports, it was an informant that led to them being found. So this bomber has already developed some pretty tough bombs, and TSA is probably correct in it's concern.

Where there is not at this time any real ties of ISIL to the Pakistani group that planned and executed the Mumbai attack, it is apparent that the high profile attack is more to ISIL's method of operation.  Pakistani influenced staff have been reported to have joined ISIL, not as leaders but more as youth that see the ISIL as the new leaders of the jihadist movement.

This same new leaders of the jihadist movement is also what attracts so many wanna be fighters from the EU and America.  It was what made the Yemeni version of AQ or AQ lite as it is often called so appealing to the same crowd.  It is a faster more in your face group.  It operated under a Fatwa that pretty much allowed any type of attack, by even lone attackers to be condoned, where the Fatwa issued by the Main AQ group led by Osama was much more restrictive and in fact had a requirement of a 75% success rate before the plan would be approved.  (This is from the AQ manual from the Osama group)  This restriction and other controls by the AQ Osama, left a lot of wanna be jihadist's feeling left out.

When the AQ Yemeni group started printing a slick online magazine of how to carry out attacks, this fed right into the loosely affiliated lone wolf jihadist's, so you could be a part of the movement by just trying attacks, like we have seen in Dallas, New York's Times square bomber among others.

ISIL has developed a similar online magazine now as well, that caters to the wanna be jihadist's located in virtually every City in the world, and most certainly in the US.   So we need to be on the lookout for more lone wolf attacks, and it will take all the eyes and ears we have to find these folks before they attack.