Monday, November 10, 2014

FBI,Crime Statistics for 2013 Released, Is it time to rethink crime reports

FBI — Crime Statistics for 2013 Released

I disagree with these figures, as we have seen here in the valley the FBI really needs to update it's crime stats forms and allocations of crime into groups.

The Texas DPS, in their Texas Public Safety Threat Overview 2013. Which can be found on line here   In that report they found that many crimes, and perhaps as important if not more so, was the effect on the victims, which really exceed the grasp of the FBI stats and even reporting.  The Texas DPS actually did develop names and broad categories for the the new direction crimes are taking.  It also took into its nomenclature a stab at a broad class of victims.

Which when taken into account even under the FBI URS forms, would make the numbers expand immediately.   Perhaps the shift all criminology needs to take is looking at victims not the perpetrators.  This would be a very big shift, and change our crime numbers for years, but I think is a better reflection of what crime actually encompasses. IE the number of  people effected other than the criminals that cause the problems..

Is it time to rethink crime reporting to more reflect the victims effected than totally focusing on the criminals them selves.

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