Thursday, February 26, 2015

Department of Public Safety again warns against Mexico trips

This spring break warning should not be taken lightly. Yes it is possible to go to Mexico and get back safely, but the chances are 50 50 that something will happen to you. This starts with ATM kidnappings, where you are just taken to an ATM and forced to remove money, to being killed for nothing more than being in the area where a gun fight erupts between rival cartels or cartels and the police. If you stay super careful, use everything CTI can teach you, it still could go all wrong. You have to understand that unlike the US, where we can set up safe places for you to go, or have the safety of being near police or military personnel, none of this is true in Mexico at this point. Figure corruption is to the point, that it is possible that a segment of the cartel actually runs many of the border towns in Mexico.

from CTI Consulting


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