Monday, February 23, 2015

Go Bag Tip: Using blind spot mirrors to expand your vision and awareness of what is going on around you.

Go Bag Tip: I am always looking for things to help me out as I travel, this is about the 2000th mirror like this I have picked up.  Either I leave them in places as I leave in a hurry, or team members even clients ask for them as the gig ends.

Blind Spot mirrors are used normally to attach to your side view mirrors in your cars to reduce blind spots.  I use them to reduce blind spots during EP assignments, although I have taught a lot of Security Guards on how to use them to reduce their blind spots.

I bought this one at an HEB store over the weekend, for $1.19, normally I will not spend more than a dollar for them, and pick some up when ever I see them at a low price.  Their quality actually can make them more effective, but the cheap ones work fine.

If you spend anytime in a class room with me, or watch my you tube videos on expanding your vision, this really is a working part of that.  You are not trying to recognize someone by using the mirror, you are just trying to detect the movement and presence of bad guys.

Once again the uses are endless.  Have you ever looked out the peep hole in your hotel room door?  If so you quickly realize the limitations of what you can see.  Now using the peel off sticky back of the mirror, stick it to the wall across from your door.  Now look out the peep hole, you could not recognize the guys waiting for you outside the door, but you will know they are there.

If you are holding a post in a hallway, but can not see what is around the corner, affix the mirror so you can see down the hall corner, or the elevator lobby area.  REMEMBER the bad guy can use the same mirror to see you, but normally does not even notice it.  By the time they can, you have already seen them.

Remember you are not trying to recognize them, just detect them.  Like when you widen your view, your just expanding your conscious and subconscious awareness.  It does take practice, but quickly you will notice you detect movement registering in the mirror view  while keeping your eyes on the rest of the hallway or what ever you are holding post over.

By the way it also works well in restaurants and other locations where you are sitting with your back to some activity in the room.  Just lean the mirror up on the salt or pepper shaker, and with practice you will recognize movement to your 6, let your conscious and subconscious determine if you need to worry about it.

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