Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spy Masterz | Multifunctional Wireless Camera, WiFi Detector and Spy Camera Lens Detector

Advanced Go Bag gear: I am always on the look out for simple bug detectors, this was found locally in Mission Tx, and at a price of $39 I bought it for testing. So far it exceeds most of the simple bug detectors I have tested, and most at more than three times the price. You can also buy in on line. It is listed as advanced Go Bag gear, since with out training your chances of using it effectively are not all that good. For one you really need to understand the limitations of these devices to better use them. This one has the added advantage of a camera lens detector and that is somewhat tricky it self. I will try and do a post to my blog on the basics of using these over the weekend, But all in all a better than average device at a very good price.

from CTI Consulting


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