Saturday, April 18, 2015

5 people arrested in connection with kidnapping-turned-stabbing

Not all kidnappers, are pro's and sometimes the amatures are the most dangerous to you and your client. But at least 5 folks in on the play, anyone with a little security awareness training, should have noticed something. CTI has provided this training to Executives and their families all over the world. Our prayers are with the victim and his speedy recovery, and are hope is the next person is as lucky, but I would not bet on it. Security Awareness training can keep a person safer from all sorts of crime, even drive by shootings, or purse snatchers. Keeping your awareness up is key to your safety, almost everyone I have interviewed that had been kidnapped, says they should have noticed the precursors, like people watching them, or even following them.

from CTI Consulting


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