Monday, April 20, 2015

8 GB USB Spy Voice Recorder

Be on the look out for this device, it looks and acts just like any flash storage device, but records both while inserted in a computer drive and out. I can remember when being able to detect a running tape recorder was critical for corporate board meetings. Now cell phones, mp-3 players all can record audio. The real danger of this device is with the internal memory and battery a spy can leave this in your home, office or car and it will record for 50 hours. Meaning the spy can drop this anywhere and then come back to pick it up. Once started, in a few seconds it goes virtually dead, no lights or any other signs that it is active. With out knowing what it is, I can see people holding it for the spy to give them back the flash drive they forgot in your office. Back in the 70's the Soviets made a device like this,(they also had one that was a transmitter) that was in a D cell battery. They would have someone drop it in the trash in an office or twice cars, and the device would stay active, till someone either retrieved it or it was thrown out with the trash. If you take a very close look at this, the only thing out of place is a very small button on the side. Other than that it could be a flash drive anyone is carrying on them at any time. On the positive side, for 39 dollars you have a long play voice recorder, for those meetings and seminars you are going to. I have seen students buying them up for classes they either go to, or go into the room and drop the device to pick it up later. Which by the way is very illegal, but if you stay in the room in many States it is legal. I have seen reporters using them as back up recorder for interviews. I allow recorders in classes I teach, but some do not, and I can see this device being used to insure a student gets the most out of a class they attend.
from CTI Consulting

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