Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Moat Around The White House? Document Shows Federal Plans For Increased Security

I do not think they have a problem, there is a perception that security is weak, but it is just a perception. The security systems are, or should be more than enough to detect anyone that jumped the fence. After that is is more a procedures and training issue. I am a bit biased, but this guy in the picture looks like a security guard, no hat, no security presence. If you do not look capable, it is had for folks to think you are. The Uniform Division of the US Secret Service, used to pick the best of the best from candidates from all over the US. I am not sure if that is true anymore, but I would hope it is. It is bad enough that the roads in front and back of the White House are blocked to Vehicle traffic. No fence according to the tests done by the Army Corps of Engineers that had been testing for the Nuclear site's around the US, can hold off a determined attacker, for more than 30 seconds, even two sets of fences have not proved a real deterrent. I would hope the US Secret Service is a little better at changing the perception, and getting back on top.

from CTI Consulting


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