Monday, April 27, 2015

Axis Goes Out With a Whimper (Q1 2015 Financials)

As the cctv vendors continue their shake out of the buying sprees, look for more fire sale mergers or buy outs, the victims will be a lot of end users with warranty and planned upgrade issues. Clients need help with protection planning going forward. Axis played the game correctly, staying with an open architecture, working with virtually all vendors. Which also opened them up for Chinese made equipment replacement, even design work done with axis in mind, was subjected to lower bid Chinese equipment. A lot of vendor's have seen the writing on the wall, and use a lot of Chinese equipment with their names on it. Keeps prices down but they loose much of the quality control, and are at the whim of Chinese espionage attempts. Buyer beware is taking on some real new issues these days.
from CTI Consulting

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