Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Drone 'containing radiation' lands on roof of Japanese PM's office

We need to make sure we do not over react to this threat. It is a real possibility, but not a probability and the Lone Wolf or as the FBI directors calls them lone rat's with a hand gun is far more dangerous. It could be an issue that could concern the average citizen, but any local Hazmat team can deal with this safely. If you told me it was a biological weapon, or even a chemical weapon, I would be a bit more worried. But I bet they get a lot of press out of this, in reality a little medical waste could be sprinkled or dripped on this drone and that would give you the readings they are getting. The dust on my clothes from a walk through a Russian nuclear storage facility, had a lot more readings than this would give you. I actually brought back a green twig about 4 inches long from a town near Chernobyl that we use for years to make sure our radiation detectors where working that had this level of reading. Please do not over react, by the way the small twig was thrown out before a visit by the FBI director at the time to our offices for a function.
from CTI Consulting

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