Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Exclusive: TSA 'Behavior Detection' Program Targeting Illegal Immigrants, Not Terrorists - The...

This report is actually very accurate, but the conclusion is wrong, the system is doing the right things, there's just not that many terrorists out there. It is also accurate in pointing to a lot of ICE influence on the program, ICE, is by far the best Agency in picking out suspect behavior, and as SPOT evolved, the program moved off the original Israel based program, which really could not be used in the way Israel does, because of the constitutional rights here in the US, ,and it should be pointed out the Israel program picks up very few terrorists either. It does pick up a lot of immigration violations like the US program. As an aside, the TSA program does find a lot of the TSA testing team's trying to get through screening with weapons, I am told that the SPOT program actually finds more of these TSA testers than the screeners do. The program does need to be changed, but more in how it is used than how the suspects are developed. TSA needs to use it more as a way to alert screeners to passengers that should be looked at harder, not to make arrests based on the program alone.

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