Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mexican border town scoffs at report of Islamic State terror cell in its midst

This report was questioned from the beginning by most folks on the border. I was told Breitbart was going to get behind it, I think they are very lucky they did not. When Fox backed off it twice, it was not looking good. Some of the real border security types looked at it, it lost all backing, then the real experts at Breitbart came to the table with eye witnesses, then this report shows up with video in the Dallas News. Reputation is tough enough with the bad information provided by the Mexico Government and the bad info provided by the cartels. Most reporters are reporting from this side of the border, with twitter and email reports coming out with sometimes cell phone traffic. Judicial Watch needs to watch its reputation losing it on border issues, will not help its credibility in going after the problems in the US Government, which is their real strength.
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