Monday, April 20, 2015

Op-Ed: Texas Must Protect Our Grid Against Attack -- The Feds Won't

There is a substantial problem with the US power grid and the problem is only getting worse. The Chinese have built mock power systems to test how they can attack our systems. By the way they have built water treatment systems to train on how to attack them also. The attacks last year in California with simple rifles scared the Power folks in California to start working on their grids. Texas has to do the same, the same type of virus that brought down the Iran nuclear treatment centers would work well on our systems. The key to really dropping a power grid is understanding the central points of it. Actually at this time, a rifle attack could get it done, they would have to know the key points thou. If the main transformers very brittle ceramic insulators are hit, they short out the systems, and the transformers have to be taken out. If they add one shot to base of the transformers the will leak oil, and destroy them for all time. A 22 cal rifle can take out the insulators from a good distance, but to breach the transformers to leak will take a lot higher caliber rifle. Unfortunately if you put the cyber attack and the physical attacks together the results can be devastating.
from CTI Consulting

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