Monday, April 27, 2015

Secret Service arrests eight members of Atlanta-based organized fraud ring | Government Security...

When I first started in the U.S. Secret Service, counterfeiting was a big deal in the Social Security Business, moving from the days of just stealing Social Security checks from mailboxes. During my time in, I had to spend my own time and money to go to LEAA computer security courses, at that time the only Government sponsored computer security courses available. As I was preparing to leave years later, my last positive case (positive is when you put espionage devices in, ,most of my time was spent in counter espionage) was in old style cash printing counterfeiting, but most of the forward cases were computer related. As I started in private practice, I spent a lot of time going around the world giving computer security lectures for big name computer companies, most gone by now. But more and more of the attendees were Government Agencies getting ramped up. Because of the high level countermeasures for espionage in the USSS, I had by now been to a lot of computer training paid for by the Government now, to include lots of time both training and working with the National Security Agency (NSA) who were and still are the world leaders in both conducting and stopping computer espionage. We were light years at that time ahead of the world in both sides of the issues, perhaps not so much anymore, but I would not count on it. In criminal issues, the FBI and the USSS, both divided up the computer crime pie which both knew would be big budget issues coming up. The USSS got the financial crime dealing with government funds to include everything from food stamps to Social Security payments direct deposit. Expect to see a lot more action by the U.S Secret Service on these issues.
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