Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Investigator - Digital Online Magazine

This is a magazine on investigations out of England, many back issues are free, to get an idea of where they are going with this. It is a great way to see other countries investigative techniques, as well as some very new techniques before they end up in some book, that will sit on a shelf. I first got on tho them when I was studying some of their Cognitive Interviewing techniques. Well used in the US as well, but really put in play in England after they had their version of the Miranda rules incorporated. The reason I liked it is that it relies more on a non authoritarian method, that once you leave a Government agency you lose that ability to threaten the individual with immediate Jail, a strong force for getting information. As a Private Interviewing Consultant, you need other tactics to get information. I was studying CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, sort of the leading edge at the time, sort of Freudian on meditation style.therapy. I was doing it to advance my own interviewing capabilities. This magazine has much more that that to include a lot of new forensic methods and tools.
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