Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why you are not getting hired? A recruiter’s perspective

There is some great advice here, I do not agree with all of it, but this Lady hires a lot more than I do, so I would listen to her. Professional and Polite are I think her two biggest points, and are the mistakes I see the most. If people knew how many recruiters looked at a non professional photo can went to the next picture they would spend some time on getting it right. When I teach this part of a class, I hearken back to the old Mission Impossible TV series, as the guy flips through the photos. and throws some out and picks others. It really is that fast sometimes, I watched on recruiter go through a list of folks on linked in, he tagged all the ones he liked the photo of to go back and look at again, the rest just went away. Do not get thrown out on the first pass.
from CTI Consulting

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